Our Story

A visionary, Akanksha Savanal is a young businessperson whose keen eye for the latest trends and dedication to design has seen her evolve from celebrity stylist to a successful fashion entrepreneur. Wary of the ‘ideal body type’ and the labels of societal conditioning that plague women’s fashion, she strived to start a business that was inclusive of all women.
Akanksha founded ‘A Curve Story’ to bring clothing that is the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality to women of all sizes - not as a token of awareness but with the core belief that this is what any lifestyle brand should strive to do.
A Curve Story understands the intricacies involved in looking presentable and feeling good regardless of the occasion. Rather than constraining our customers to mass produced designs, we create clothing for every body type - keeping in mind their quirks, preferences, needs et al. With the aid of our tailors and designers, we create each piece exclusively for our customers - to help cement their comfort in their own skin.
At A Curve Story, we design for needs specific to each body - our commitment to empowering women with confidence and self-love.