About us

A Curve Story is an Inclusive, Body Positive Clothing Brand on a mission to dismantle the “ideal body type” narrative that marginalizes people in bodies that deviate from the unrealistic standards set by society and the high-fashion industry.
We at A Curve Story celebrate every body type and carry fashionably stylish outfits from sizes UK 6-32. Each design is created for every body type - keeping in mind their quirks, preferences, needs et al. With the aid of our tailors and designers, we create each piece to help cement their comfort in their own skin & honor our commitment to empowering women with confidence and self-love.

Our founder Akanksha Savanal is a fashion stylist with a vision that spans years with a keen eye for the latest trends and a dedication to design. With the ambition of starting a business that speaks for every woman, A Curve Story is a brand that celebrates every kind of woman and those who associate as women. We promote equality by quietly working on unveiling layers of prejudice, working on the morale and self esteem of our clients & treat it as an opportunity to nurture and promote equality and be comprehensive at all levels.

"Clothing that adds an extra spark to the magical being you already are!"